Lonely Egg Studio


COO, Jessica is a Bay Area born artist, illustrator, concept artist, and creator. She’s a lover of everything creative and crazy. Lonely Egg’s first game is based on her life and work, where she is project lead and creative director. She enjoys telling narratives and is a strong support of imaginative realism, attempting to portray what can’t be seen or felt. Her tools of choice are pen/ink and Photoshop.

Jessica graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo in 2014 with a concentration in Studio Art. There, she forged a digital art career alongside her traditional art education, joined the Cal Poly Game Development Club, and formed a concept art club to find a developer community to contribute and support the field of her passion. On the side, she preps, markets, and sells at California conventions including Fanime, Sacanime, and Anime Expo when available. She also pursues volunteering at and advocating children’s charities and organizations. She has hosted streaming events and campaigns with fellow peers in the industry raising over $1000 for Gamer’s Outreach Foundation, Save the Children, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, and Extra Life. Her next goals are to be more active volunteering in person at local organizations. Jessica welcomes raising awareness and openly discussing the landscape of child welfare, education, and narratives.

Jessica enjoys sketching, napping with their pupper, eating good food, and relaxing with a good movie. She likes attending online art hangouts and connecting peers with resources.


CEO, born in Newton, MA, Mark grew up in the East Bay and is now a programmer and game designer residing in the Bay Area.  A lover of video games from an early age, Mark decided long ago that he needed to create his own.  He graduated from UCSC game design program in 2016, his team’s senior project was a narrative driven surveillance game called “Project Perfect Citizen,” which won the grand prize at the program’s annual Sammy Awards.

Mark believes very strongly in STEM education, and together he and Jessica seek out local organizations to get involved with.  A strong believer in sharing experiences and having transparency to improve the game development community and support inclusivity.  Most recently the two spoke to a group of students at Gameheads in Oakland.

In 2017 Mark was an IGDA volunteer at GDC, and in 2016 he was a panelist on “Games as Protest” at IndieCade where he spoke about his work on Project Perfect Citizen.

He currently spends much of his time working with his father on a tech startup.  He also enjoys serving as Jessica’s helper at her various conventions.

Mark also enjoys napping with and taking their pupper to the park. He welcomes anyone to reach out to discuss game design or development. Currently Playing: Path of Exile, Hearthstone, Hollow Knight