Lonely Egg Studio

Lonely Egg is a Bay Area indie game studio developing artistic and deeply personal games. Investing in people; devoted developers that wish to nurture personal growth in each other through strong collaboration, discipline, and experimentation.
The founders, Jessica and Mark, have been partners since 2009. Their first game for Lonely Egg Studio is an unannounced title based upon Jessica’s “Keeper and the Girl” story world, which is in turn based on her life and experiences with child abuse. Since battling and overcoming their struggles, they strive to be a better example for others and are opening a studio together to create something meaningful from that darker chapter of their lives. Moving forward, both will continue developing and supporting games and narratives that affect individuals and communities at large.

We primarily develop for PC/Mac.


Lonely Egg is self-funded by its founders, with help from family and friends. Our supporters understand the importance of that freedom and independence and the effect it has on shaping the company and the workplace.  

Lonely Egg is more than a game company. In addition to our passion for creating novel, touching experiences in our game worlds we believe strongly in going above and beyond to give back in the real world. We pursue and participate in non profit events, charities, and programs with a special focus on children’s health and education. We’re passionate about the products we make and the future of the developers that shape our industry.