Lonely Egg Studio

Lonely Egg Studio is a small Bay Area indie game studio developing artistic and deeply personal games. Investing in people; devoted developers that wish to nurture personal growth in each other through strong collaboration, discipline, and experimentation.

Lonely Egg Studio LLC Public Statement

Lonely Egg Studio LLC Public Statement

We are issuing this public statement to inform our fans that neither Jessica Fong nor her story, “Keeper and the Girl”, are associated with Jumpbutton Studio, LLC, or with Jumpbutton’s project “Keeper and the Soldier”, any longer. After much thought and 2 years of effort, we simply do not believe that the prior collaboration with Jumpbutton will […]

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Segment of WIP from the stream last night for our game! If you missed it, watch/follow it here: https://t.co/0B9KS0qkEE #gameart #indiedev🖌️

Friends flying in from all over the world, united by playing games.

It makes my heart so damn happy.

thank fuck there are thousands of gamemakers simply expressing themselves instead of feeling pressured to create magnum opuses